SZÁSZ Melinda

For me the foundation give strength. Here I feel love and acceptance. Nobody despise me as in other places.
We learn about the Bible.
I like the Faith and Light meetings, the summer camps and the pilgrimages, where I make new friends.

Faith and Light

    Faith and Light was born of a desire to help people with an intellectual disability and their families find their place within the Church and society. This was the main  purpose of the organized pilgrimage to Lourdes at Easter of 1971.
    In order that the gifts of this pilgrimage would not be lost, it was necessary for the participants to be members of a community that brought together people with an intellectual disability, their parents and friends, especially young people.
    Following this event, which was a time of great blessings, a great number of communities maintained and deepened the links that had been created between their members. In the course of the years other communities were created throughout the world, developing in different Christian denominations.
    Today the international association of Faith and Light brings together 1495 communities which are developing in 78 countries, across six "continents".
    Faith and Light is a community movement. At the heart of these communities are people with a more or less serious intellectual disability: children, adolescents or adults. They are surrounded by their family and friends, especially young people.
    Faith and Light gives to persons with an intellectual disability the possibility of recognizing and using their gifts and discovering the joy of friendship.
    To the parents, Faith and Light gives support in their trials and helps them to better appreciate the inner beauty of their children. A number of them, in turn, become a source of strength and an assistance to other parents who are crushed by their suffering and their daily difficulties. A Faith and Light community meet regularly, at least once a month. These  meetings are the time of celebration, sharing, reflection and prayer. Friendship deepens through time and presence. Between the monthly gatherings the members of the community choose to spend time together in smaller groups or just meeting one-to-one. They share stories, fears, dreams, hope, prayer, fun, service with others, a meal, and other activities which nurture friendship: it is “ the time offidelity “, also called the "fourth time". In the community each person is important, is precious.
    To create supportive links between the members or different communities, we organize summer camps and pilgrimages.

    In Tg-Mures the FL community was created in 1990. The Clever Hands Foundation have the roots in this community.


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